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Releasing Top 800 popular brands’ in China, reveal information on 1.5M products

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Taobao Store Seller

Find suitable Taobao sellers by analyzing the top 100,000
online shops.


Customized Reports

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• C-level executives considering new investments / M&A opportunities in China market
• R&D researchers trying to understand the true voice of Chinese consumers
• Brand managers who eager to know everything about the market competitors
• Marketers trying to find correlations between a marketing campaign and sales revenue to improve ROI
• Social Media Managers seeking the best-fit influencer for the brand
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MeasureChina provides the practical business insights that lead to success in China market

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Q. What sets MeasureChina differ from others?

Unlike traditional research reports which were limited to panel surveys and topics, MeasureChina collects a wide range of online data within seconds. Brands are now possible to draw insights through customized market reports to understand sales status of own and competitors, consumer interests, and popular social contents information gathered from e-commerce to social network channels.

Q. Is it possible to designate a specific brand and request reports?

MeasureChina can analyze all of the brands on China's online platforms. Not only providing reports on a specific brand but also recommend brands that are needed to be studied in the market.

Q. Is it possible to request a customized report?

Most of the multinational brands subscribe to customized reports. For customized reports, possible to choose platforms and data types, you are wishing to understand. And in-house data analyst will provide you with an insightful report.

Q. How can I buy the reports?

Click the 'Purchase Report' button, and let us know your interests. We will contact you personally.
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Q. Is there any benefit for requesting more than two reports or signing up for the subscription service?

We provide different discounted rate based on the total purchase amount and subscription type.

Q. Is it possible to request a new topic for a report?

Yes, please let us know your interest; such as analysis of a brand, top product, e-Commerce, social media, videos and more.