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Deliver insightful data to help data-based decisions

Strategy Planning

Product Development



Deliver insightful data by weekly and monthly bases

Sales Analysis

Provide detail sales data by categories or by periods to make comparison within competitors

Price Analysis

Keep track of sales when price range changes

Attribute Analysis

Check consumer feedbacks by product types, benefits, ingredients, or skin type and more

Review Analysis

관심 브랜드의 긍정 / 부정 리뷰를 통해 

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유통 채널 분석

경쟁사들의 채널별 매출 분포를 확인하고
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In-Depth Report

매출과 바이럴의 상관관계를 분석하고,
마케팅 벤치마킹을 위한 인사이트를 제공합니다

Social & e-Commerce Analysis

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