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MeasureChina develops artificial intelligence powered software for China business.
We aim to help brands to make data-driven decisions scientifically.
In order to provide the most accurate, convenient and trustable data,
we utilize machine learning algorithm to analyze uncountable data.

Find your status in the market by analyzing billions of social contents, reviews and e-Commerce sales per day along with its competitors at a measurable scale. Not only reading the market trend from Weibo, The Little Red Book (Xiaohongshu), Tmall, Taobao, VIP, it is possible to read any of the channel at your interests.

Stay as top tier by understanding consumer sentiment through deep learning.
By analyzing text, images and even expanding into voices and videos, now you can truly find out consumer's sentiment towards your product, your brand and your competitors.

Start to achieve what's not humanly possible in a competitive market.
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819 West Nanjing Road Shanghai 200001, China

Tel +86 13162785548
Email contact@measurechina.io


343 Samil-daero, 13th Floor, Jung-gu, Seoul

Tel +82 70 7014 3010
Email contact@measurechina.io

Find Insights Effortlessly through Deep Learning

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