AI helps you to make business decisions

With an AI-based Business Intelligence Platform for Chinese business,
we provide a solution that enables brands to make business decisions based on data and optimize their execution

While many companies are dreaming of success in the largest Chinese market in the world,
it is almost impossible to grasp the changes in hundreds of thousands of competitive brands and 1.3 billion consumers at the same time

Therefore, MEASURE CHINA collects and analyzes tens of millions of product sales data, buyer reviews, and
SNS data a day on average, and provides dashboards, industry-specific reports, and market research services in real time that
can optimize product development / marketing / distibution / sales by applying natural language processing and machine learning to Big Data

We collect / analyze data by expanding indusries to fashion, FMCG, childcare, etc. starting from the current beauty market analysis. In addition to large global brands, we have a vision of helping the business decision making of SMEs around the world through
AI-based business intelligence system

Our Offices

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Seoul HQ

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